Illness and Injury

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Illness and Injury

If you have any doubts whatsoever about your cats health, don't wait until its obvious that something is wrong , see the vet as soon as possible.

Things you should look out for (Symptoms)

Is your cat vomiting?

Does your cat have diarrhoea?

Is it sneezing, coughing or breathing abnormally?

Is it bleeding?

Is it drinking too much?

Is it losing weight?

Vomiting in a cat may be caused by something as trivial as a furball, which all cats tend to "bring up" once in a while, to poisoning which is obviously much more of a problem. If this is the first time you have seen it vomit, simply remember the following points. It may be a cat that grooms itself a lot, this could mean that it is simply bringing up furballs, you will probably have to get used to this, especially if your cat is a longhair variety. Although I myself, have two longhairs and only one has a regular furball event. Also some greedy cats simply eat too much and their small stomach objects. It may also have eaten something that is normally perhaps acceptable but just does not agree with your cat.

However if your cat is vomiting and it looks "dull and in poor condition", I would recommend you

visit your vet as soon as possible

Diarrhoea is no more normal in cats than in people. It's causes should always be investigated.

Again if you're lucky the cat may have eaten something that simply does not agree with him, even something as simple as a saucer of milk can cause diarrhoea. However your cat may have been poisoned, either accidentally or on purpose. If the faeces are bloody, consult your vet immediately. If the cat is also vomiting, consult your vet immediately. Also if the cat has diarrhoea and looks to be in general poor condition, you should also consult your vet as soon as possible