The Sick Cat

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There are few things as demoralizing, as watching your pet suffering while you can only look on helplessly. Even watching your pet die as a result of simple old age is very distressing.

So what can you do?

On the day that you take your cat home with you for the very first time, register with a good vet, and use his services properly, if only for a thorough checkup when you give your cat his yearly booster injections.

Find out which vet at your surgery is the cat lover, and try to always see this vet only. I have known vet's who just don't "click" so well when it comes to cats.

A good vet will be a godsend to you when your cat eventually does fall ill, sadly some vet's it seems to me only seem to go through the motions during diagnosis and care, and many of them don't listen properly to the "worried" owner.

As I said earlier. Find a good vet, and use him wisely.