American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is of above average intelligence as they were developed by Mother Nature to survive feral environments. Their head is a broad modified wedge with deep-set almost almond shaped eyes set under a distinctive brow. They are a medium to large cat with a substantial rectangular body. The tail is to be clearly visible above the back when the cat is alert not to exceed the hock in length. The optimum tail is articulate and nearly straight with the slightest of curves. This is a slow maturing breed taking 2 - 3 years to reach full adult type. The American Bobtail comes in all colors and patterns including lynx points with ghost markings. The American Bobtail is a loving, kind and incredibly intelligent cat. They are noted for their dog like personalities and their devotion to their owners. The American Bobtail easily adapts to a busy or quiet environment.

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