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The first cat thought to have a name is believed to be Bouhaki, an egyptian cat from about 1950 BC.

William Shakespeare that well known dead playwright, really hated cats, which just goes to show that he wasn't that smart after all.

A cat called Dusty was supposed to be the most prolific female cat ever,having given birth to a reputed 420 kittens.

People can hear sounds up to about 20,000 cycles, but a cat can hear up to 100,000 cycles. It hears things you simply wouldn't believe.

Cats have eyes that can see almost but not quite in complete darkness. Eventually the cat needs to rely on it's whiskers, hearing and smell, but it has to be pretty dark(pitch black) for this to happen. Cats are not  colour blind, but they are nowhere near as good as us at telling the difference between colours.

You will have noticed of course that cats bury their bodily wastes, using a front paw. They also however are often to be seen carrying out the same routine near their food bowl, are they trying to tell you something.

Cats are often seen eating grass and many reasons are put forward for the this, the most common being,

a) to make them vomit up furballs or

b) as a laxative to help them pass furballs. But it is thought a more likely reason is to allow the cat to take on some folic acid

which is needed to manufacture haemoglobin. Grass is an essential ingredient to the cats diet therefore and you should not discourage you're cat from eating it.

The largest known litter of cats was 19.( Of which 15 survived)

The La Perm cat always looks as though it has just enjoyed a good session in a warm tumble dryer.

The average lifespan for a modern domestic cat is between 10 and 15 years, but it's not unusual for cats to live much longer and the record appears to be 34yrs. A cat called Ma.

This is much longer than the claimed lifespan of any dog.

Females have been known to still give birth in their 12th year.

That's an old lady by people standards.

A cat called Towser , in the employ of the Tayside Distillery , is reported to have killed an astonishing 28,000 mice.

The mice were quite relieved when he died in 1987.

The term Moggie is thought to be derived from the word Maggie, which was a name for an untidy and scruffy old woman.

Cats have a sense of smell that is 30 times better than yours.

There are now over 8 million cats in the UK, making them more popular than any other animal. Less than 5% of these cats are full pedigree's.

If cats like fish so much, how come they hate getting wet.

Yes, it is a fact, A cat that is dropped or falls from any height over a few inches will almost always land on its feet.

A litter of kittens used to be called "A Kindle"

Cats will not walk on aluminum foil.

When a cat looks into a small tunnel or opening in the bushes, the whiskers are used to gauge the dimensions. If the opening doesn't rub the whiskers, the cat's body will fit through.